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Ventes Construction Ltd. Şti. It has been operating in the education sector since the early 2000s. Our company has continuously expanded its product range since its establishment and has become able to respond to all kinds of equipment needs of today’s educational institutions. Today, it can offer a wide range of educational materials, presentation devices, equipment materials, laboratories and support them with three-dimensional visual projects. Ventes Yapı, aiming to reflect quality, ergonomics and aesthetics in all project and production stages, can offer productive spaces to educators.

Nursery Material:

As Ventes Construction, it is the most important element for us that nursery materials are durable, stylish and decorative, as well as being economical. In our materials, great attention is paid to details such as that the tables are not sharp and injurious. Choosing nursery materials is very important for the health and safety of our children.

School Furniture:

As Ventes Yapı, the principles of our school furniture in our product range are based on the spontaneous harmony of ergonomic perfection that will increase the production of knowledge in universal dimensions. We serve you with quality furniture and holistic interior designs to provide a flexible and performance-enhancing environment. Our company has taken its place among the leading companies in the educational tools sector in a short time with its high quality understanding, student safety standards, modern production facilities.